Travelling by a privately chartered aircraft is a convenient way to access incredible destinations and hard to reach places with ease and allows your customers to combine wonderful cultural and amazing leisure experiences. Let your customers enjoy the luxury and glamour of travel by liberating them from scheduled departures and eliminating lengthy and stressful boarding processes.

Whether it’s the dream of relaxation, indulging a hobby such as golf, being immersed in local culture or sharing experiences with a group of like-minded travellers – Bartelings Associates is able to source the most appropriate aircraft and, if required, craft a custom itinerary package to meet your exacting requirements. 

You want your customers to have the best of experiences and that means - no queuing, no stress, no hassle. Complex itineraries are our speciality, so let your imagination run wild and allow us to match your ideas with the most suitable private aircraft solution. Our private air solutions are bespoke to each client, we don’t offer off the shelf solutions which can be ill fitting to your requirements.